Who is Andre Eglevsky?

One of the hardest achieves is to become an international star.  If you have not heard of Andre Eglevsky, you might not have been dancing very long.  He is a ballet dancer and teacher who is best known for his school in New York, Eglevsky Ballet Company.

During the revolution in Russia, Eglevsky was born.  His mother saw true talent in him. She knew he would not have the opportunity to develop that talent under the new regime.  A decision had to be made. This decision changed Eglevsky’s life forever. At the age of 8, they left Russia and departed for France.  It felt like France would be the perfect location to begin his development. Granted, there was a huge community for Russia ballet and some of the top teachers and instructors.  At the age of 8, he found himself on a long and fulfilling journey as he studied with Maria Nevelskaya, who is formal of the Bolshoi Ballet, and several other great mentors and teachers.

Eglevsky worked hard and at the age of 14 began to see his hard work pay off as he joined the world-famous Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.  At such a young age, he did not know what this meant for his future. After six months he found himself dancing the leading roles in ballets like Les Presages, Les Sylphides, and Swan Lake.

Everyone started to notice Eglevsky and wanted him to dance for them.  He joined Igor Youskevitch for the company’s premiere. One year after the premiere, he joined the Rene Blum’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo company.

In 1937, Eglevsky arrived in the United States as he joined George Balanchine’s American Ballet Company as the premier danseur.  The company later changed its name to the New York City Ballet company. He stayed true to his still and danced for companies throughout the world which included the New York’s Ballet Theatre which is now known as the American Ballet Theatre.  He also danced for the Grand Ballet de Monte Carlo. Thus, making him an international dancer in the art of ballet.

Dancing was Eglevsky’s passion.  He worked with the fabulous Radio City Music Hall, on Broadway in Great Lady, and made an appearance in Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight movie.  Among all his success he was also a teacher and he trained Alan Bergman in the art of ballet dance.

During the late 1930s, Eglevsky was married to ballerina Leda Anchutina.  You would think they make the perfect dance duo. Yet, there was something or someone missing as their daughter, Marina Eglevsky was born.  With both parents so talented in ballet, so was their daughter. This great talent was passed down to another generation as she has also become a successful ballerina.

Eglevsky retired in 1958.  Yet, dance was his life. Together with his wife, they opened a ballet school in Massapequa, New York.  They also were the founders of the Eglevsky Ballet Company.

Sadly, Eglevsky left this work of a heart attack only 17 days before he turned 60 years old.  He may be gone, but his legacy still lives today as Eglevsky Ballet School is stronger than ever as it is directed by Ali Pourfarrokh.

His academy, the Eglevsky Ballet, is now the premier center for ballet Long Island.


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