Long Island Ballet and Dance Summer Classes Are Upon Us!

Eglevsky Ballet Summer Intensives

Many of us have already ready for summer ballet and dance here on Long Island Yet, if you have not auditioned, then it would be a great time to brush up on your ballet and prepare for the next audition and join some intensives that still have openings. Eglevsky Ballet is still open to new sign-ups for our upcoming classes.

The demand is high in the world of ballet, especially Long Island ballet and dance! Many have seen the benefits of ballet and training is in high demand. Everyone wants the best training and experience possible, which is why Eglevsky Ballet continues to have the highest number of attendees and registrations.

Our summer programs are recognized as the best ballet and dance training in the area. They give our students a chance to be taught by the most prestigious teachers and dancers. Some of them include past dancers from New York City Ballet, The School of American Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, PNB, Kansas City Ballet & Broadway, and ABT.

Each of the summer programs offered helps our students experience each step of ballet and dance teaching. We create our summer programs to fit everyone and continue to add new special to keep our students engaged! Check out our upcoming classes:

It does not matter what your goal is as a dancer, there is an Eglevsky Ballet summer program for you. All you need to know is what your goals are as a dancer. Sign up today!


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Written By: Kayla M., Octopi Digital, Long Island Digital Marketing

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