Art Behind Dance

What is Art? Most of us think of a masterpiece like a painting or sculpture which is found in an art gallery. Yes, this is art. Yet, we have isolated art in these few forms. Real art is beauty. Classic ballet shows us that dance is the most beautiful of all the art forms. Ballet takes movements, design, lighting, costumes, and music to tell a story of elegance. Ballet tells a story of time, showing us how unforgiving the world is today. Thanks to traditions, ballet has been around for several hundred years. These traditions have been passed from generation to generation. Much like any tradition, we continuously improve and expand. The same with ballet. From the time ballets introduction and traveled through time to today, it has been refined and changes to fit with the times of today. Looking at Eglevsky Ballet, this is shown from the start of our academy by founder Andre Eglevsky to today, where we are recognized as Long Island’s premier ballet academy and one of New York’s most credible ballet schools.

Do you remember the first time you saw magic live on stage? (Maybe it was Eglevsky’s Nutcracker or Cinderella performances!) Ballet is the magic of the stage through dance. You can be transformed into a world where the music and stage come alive, holding you to the edge of your seat as the dancer on stage moves throughout his act. Wonder come to our hearts through ballet.

In the world of technology, ballet has been in a transformation. During the 60s, ballet dancers enjoyed the thrill of the applause for a beautiful work of art and a grateful heart as they feel the emotions of the dancers and performances. This was a time where our founder Andre Eglevsky performed on the world stage. Today, that thrill is not there as much for the dancers. Social media has now become a big part of the thrill. The road to superstar for a ballet dancer no longer relies only on their performance on the stage. It relies greatly on their followers on social media. Thus, leaving ballet dancers with a task of finding new ways to reinvent who they are as a dancer. Ballet is a way to express yourself. It is a form of art. Think about how many times you have seen the ballet? Was it on a stage or on social media? We can see how times and traditions have changed.

With this shift traditions, excellent teachers are in higher demand. Thankfully our staff, led by Maurice Brandon Curry, is one of the best on Long Island and throughout New York in teaching the art of ballet and dance.

And all over the world, there are ballet companies, schools, and studios. The need for great couches and teachers is high and in strong demand. Last year’s ballet and dance summer classes at Eglevsky Ballet were taught by some of the most reputable teachers in the world. We focus on keeping the tradition and art in dance and ballet.


Samantha Kelly., Octopi Digital